The Facepillow - Designed to prevent lines and facial wrinkles.

When using your anti-pressure facepillow you will feel how your head is lifted giving total freedom to the delicate areas of your face, preventing bedding from coming into contact with your facial area and allowing your skin to breathe properly. You will no longer be ironing lines and wrinkles into your face night after night.

The perfect facial pillow - £34.99


The Facepillow - Providing excellent spinal alignment.

Now also highly acclaimed as an orthopaedic pillow due to numerous reports that the facepillow provides excellent support for your neck as well as your head. The facepillow does this by filling the gap between the lower jaw and the shoulder which in turn maintains a straight line between the neck and spine.

The perfect orthopaedic pillow - £34.99

Face Cradle Pillow

Massage Couch Face Cradle - 'Face down' facial comfort & support.

Excellent for use over a treatment or therapy couch facehole.

The perfect 'face down' support pillow - £34.99

Knee Leg Ankle Support Pillow

KLAS - Knee Leg Ankle Support - the full leg anti-pressure support pillow.

"Effortless balanced support as your whole leg lies and remains in the centre of the pillow."

Excellent support for the spine, hip, knee, leg and ankle resulting in pain relief in all these areas. The most important support pillow at all times when sleeping or resting and can also be used any way you choose.

"A support pillow so aesthetically pleasing you won't want to hide it."

The perfect full leg support pillow - £49.99

Butterfly Baby Head Support Pillow

The Butterfly Baby Head Support Pillow

Designed with precision and care, to help prevent flathead, for babies from birth upwards. Recommended by therapists to gently release pressure from the back of the head. The aesthetically pleasing shape of this little pillow and the soft pastel shades available means that when your baby becomes a toddler they will still love to use their special little pillow. Easy to pack and can be used anywhere.

The perfect baby head support pillow - £34.99

Anti-Pressure Pillow Infant

appi - anti-pressure pillow infant takes all the strain from your back & arms.

The all-round feeding/nursing baby support pillow. Superb comfort around your waist bringing your baby to the correct height for feeding and providing excellent support to the small of your back.

The perfect feeding and nursing support pillow - £49.99


Extra pillowslips are always available in white, soft pink, sky blue and lemon yellow:

Facepillow Pillowslip: £9.99
Massage Couch Pillowslip: £9.99
Appi All-round Nursing Pillowslip: £19.99
KLAS Full Leg Support Pillowslip: £19.99